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  • When it comes to medical devices, many small partners will take it for granted that they are "noble and glamorous" and "obscure" and will only appear in hospitals. In fact, medical devices are very common in our lives, don't you believe it? Then let's get to know them together.


  • Since established in 1994, Huacheng Mould has passed ISO9001 and was recommended to be the best SMC/BMC/GMT/LFT/LFI mould supplier in China. With the company philosophy of “Honesty, quality, and efficiency” which enable us to keep a long-term cooperation with our customers overseas. Having the capability of design and making moulds according to European technical standards and quality level, Huacheng has become one of the pillars of the industry.


  • Mold, various molds and tools used in industrial production to obtain required products by injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die casting or forging molding, smelting, stamping and other methods. In short, mold is a tool used to make molded articles. This tool is composed of various parts, and different molds are composed of different parts


  • A mold is a process equipment for shaping (forming) materials into products and parts with specific shapes and sizes. Including: die, plastic mold, die-casting mold, forging mold, powder metallurgy mold, drawing mold, extrusion mold, roll mold, glass mold, rubber mold, ceramic mold, casting mold and other types.


  • Mold manufacturers generally customize different molds according to people's needs. There are many types of molds used in production.