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Medical mold making requires experience

Medical molds are very demanding molds, and the product inspection standards are extremely high. In addition to high-precision processing, it is also necessary to understand the purpose of this product, as well as the national inspection standards of the Quality Supervision Bureau. Some products require clinical testing to determine whether they are qualified or not:
The main difficulty of the needle is that the core dimensional accuracy of the needle tip is not easy to control, and even the equipment with high processing accuracy may not be able to be processed in place; the size of the Luer connector at the bottom is designed according to the 6:100 slope, which must be strictly in accordance with the country Standard testing, the actual accuracy may be 0.005-0.01mm, otherwise there will be water leakage, and the core processing scrap rate is very high.
First of all, for the selection of mold steel, the mold should be selected with high hardness, and the steel with HRC35° or above is the most suitable. Generally, nak80/S136 steel is used. The thermal deformation of the mold is small, and the discharge performance is excellent.
Secondly, the control of machining accuracy is particularly important, because the trocar needle product is very small, the smallest hole size is only 1mm in diameter, and the concentricity of the core must be ensured. This is a test of the accuracy of mold processing personnel and processing equipment. When selecting processing equipment, we choose imported high-speed lathes, and try to use equipment that has been used for less than 5 years, because the actual processing accuracy of the equipment that has been used for a long time has deviated, which will directly affect the molding of the product. The needle should be made of copper electrode, which is not easy to wear. After high-speed precision carving is in place, the mold is matched and then the mirror electric spark is used to strike it in place (the attention should be paid to the machining spark gap control).

Third: The choice of glue port. Generally, this product will use a multi-cavity design structure. The mold adopts imported hot runner to turn latent glue. Because the glue mouth is on the inclined surface, it is easy to pull the glue mouth. At this time, the latent glue is EDM is particularly important, and the spark gap should be within 0.01 as much as possible.