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In July, Huacheng mould ushered in a small peak of delivery


In July, Huacheng mould ushered in a small peak of delivery, etc., Huacheng workers often work overtime to customize the mold and delivery for domestic and foreign customers, every process is orderly, every link is serious and responsible, and strive to achieve high efficiency and high quality!Come on, follow Xiaobian together to feel the scene of the workshop delivery busy!

Delivery site is particularly busy, coupled with the hot weather, the workers sweat is still full of energy, xiaobian for the hard workers point a big praise, we are busy and happy.

▲The goods on the car are loaded, everything is ready, toward the destination, start!

This hot July, we harvest happy in the busy! Everyone perform their own duties, busy and orderly, from production and processing to factory delivery operations are in good order, quality and quantity to complete the order, for every customer who trust the company to submit a satisfactory answer. Welcome to visit the factory, to negotiate!