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Features of SMC Jet-Ski Mould and Its Production Process

SMC Jet-Ski Mould has the advantages of superior electrical properties, corrosion resistance, light weight and flexibility, and its mechanical properties are comparable to some metal materials, so it is widely used in electrical, electronic, vehicle, construction, chemical, aviation and other industries .

SMC mold has the characteristics:

1) The reproducibility of the product is good, and the manufacture of the SMC mold is not easily affected by the operator and external conditions.

2) SMC mold processing products are easy to handle and do not stick to hands.

3) The working environment is clean, which greatly improves the labor and hygiene environment.

4) The quality of the SMC mold sheet is uniform, and it is suitable for pressing large thin-walled products with little change in cross-section.

5) Resin and glass fiber can flow, and products with ribs and convex parts can be formed.

6) The surface finish of the products formed by the SMC mold is high.

7) SMC mold has high production efficiency, short molding cycle and low cost.

BMC mold fiber content is lower, the length is shorter, and the filler content is larger, so the strength of BMC is lower than that of SMC.

BMC is suitable for the manufacture of small products, and SMC is used for the production of large thin-walled products.