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Detailed classification of 12 molds in the mold industry

A mold is a process equipment for shaping (forming) materials into products and parts with specific shapes and sizes. Including: die, plastic mold, die-casting mold, forging mold, powder metallurgy mold, drawing mold, extrusion mold, roll mold, glass mold, rubber mold, ceramic mold, casting mold and other types.
A mold for separating, forming or joining metal, non-metal sheet materials or profiles under pressure into products or parts. Including: blanking dies, drawing dies, bending dies, progressive dies, fine blanking dies, trimming dies, etc.
02Plastic mold
The molten plastic material is filled into the cavity under pressure, and solidified and formed into the mold of the product and the part. Including: injection molds, compression molds, injection molds, extrusion molds, blow molds, thermoforming molds, foaming molds, etc.
03 Die casting mold
The liquid metal is quickly filled into the cavity under pressure, and cooled and solidified to form the mold.
04 Forging Die
A mold for forming a metal blank into a blank or part under pressure. Including: hammer forging die, mechanical press forging die, screw press forging die, hydraulic press forging die, flat forging die, etc.
05Powder metallurgy mold
Metal and non-metal powders are formed or formed into molds for blanks and parts through powder metallurgy technology. Including: pressing mold, isostatic pressing mold, injection mold, extrusion mold, shaping mold, etc.
06 drawing die
The metal blank is extended and deformed into a mold for products and parts such as rods, wires, wires, profiles, parts, etc. through the transverse holes under the action of tensile force. Including: steel drawing dies, cemented carbide drawing dies, diamond drawing dies, diamond coating drawing dies, ceramic drawing dies, etc.
07 Extrusion die
The metal blank is plastically deformed under the action of squeezing force to form the mold of the profile, product, or product. Including: reverse extrusion die, forward extrusion die, positive and negative extrusion die, radial extrusion die, upsetting compound die, etc.
08 Roller Die
Roller-shaped molds for separating, forming, compounding, correcting, joining or transferring metal or non-metal plates, profiles, and bars under rotation and pressure. Including: roll die, roll bending die, etc.
09Glass mold
The glass raw material is molded into a mold for making mouths and parts. Including: bottle mold, utensil mold, thermoforming mold, drawing mold, compression mold, blow mold, centrifugal mold, calender mold, etc.
10 Rubber mold
Molding rubber raw materials into products and parts. Including: vulcanized rubber mold, thermoplastic rubber mold, liquid rubber mold, latex mold, compression mold, injection mold, extrusion mold, tire mold, tire building drum mold, etc.
11Ceramic mold
A mold for forming ceramic raw materials into blanks and products. Including: plastic forming dies, rolling forming dies, extrusion forming dies, grouting forming dies, compression forming dies, isostatic pressing forming dies, etc.
12 casting mold

Moulds for forming liquid metal into parts or castings. Including: metal casting molds, wood casting molds, sand casting molds, sand core casting molds, wax casting molds, etc.