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What are the sanitary ware accessories


Bathing is definitely an enjoyment for all of us, especially after a day at work, the exhaustion of body and mind after taking a bath will be wiped out. If you want to take a bath, you need sanitary products. Bathroom products are of good quality and can be more comfortable when used. Everyone knows that there are still many bathroom products that need to be placed in the bathroom, and there are many hardware accessories, which are all necessary products. Each product has its function, and you can arrange it according to your needs. So, what are the bathroom hardware pendants?

1. Stainless steel pendants: belong to middle and low-end products. Stainless steel has good rust resistance, but because stainless steel is difficult to weld and has poor metal processing performance, it can only be processed simply, and the product style is relatively simple and dull.

2. Zinc alloy pendant: low-grade material. Because the processing performance of zinc alloy metal is very poor, it cannot be stamped and formed. Generally, it can only be cast. Therefore, the base is generally bulky and the style is relatively old. In addition, the cast products have poor surface finish, so the electroplating performance is not good, and the plating layer is relatively easy to fall off, which is a relatively low-end bathroom pendant product.

3. Aluminum alloy pendants: medium and low-grade materials. The surface is generally oxidized or brushed, and cannot be electroplated, so only matt products can be purchased. The big problem of matt products is that they are difficult to clean. Aluminum alloy products are very light, and their bending resistance is not very good.

4. Copper alloy pendant: Copper alloy is the current bathroom pendant material, especially environmentally friendly copper as the high-end material. Copper has been a good choice material for many household items since ancient times because of its rarity, preservation of value, and good metal processing properties. Especially H59, H62 environmental protection copper, because of its good adhesion to the electroplated layer, the product has a very good finish after electroplating, and the adhesion is very strong, which can ensure a good electroplating effect for more than 5 years. In addition, alloy copper has good metal processing properties, and can be stamped into different product shapes according to different dies, and has greater breakthroughs and innovations in product modeling.

The above is a specific introduction to "Which bathroom product is better? What are the bathroom hardware accessories?" The functions of various bathroom products are still different. As for how to match the bathroom, it needs to be arranged reasonably according to the needs of the family. I believe everyone is familiar with the hardware accessories in the bathroom. You can buy them according to the size of the space and the needs of the design.