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Skills and precautions for driving a motorboat


If you want to pursue the speed of water sports, you must enjoy the motorboat. A general motorboat can drive up to 70-80 km/h, and a large motorboat that can sit two or three people can reach 100 km/h.


1. The motorboat is easy to operate, and is equipped with dedicated coaches and life-saving personnel. It is best for beginners to be accompanied by a professional to experience it before driving alone. 

2. Safety helmets and life jackets are also essential. When boarding the boat, tie a switch rope to your wrist. If your body is thrown away from the boat, the motorboat will automatically shut down, so as not to hurt people. 

3. When two boats are driving at high speed, they should keep to the right as if driving on the right side of land. One thing to note is that the motorboat relies on jet water to propel forward and control the direction, so when the boat is docked , Should slow down slowly, rather than shut down all at once. If the flame is turned off, the direction cannot be controlled, and the inertia will cause the motorboat to go straight to the shore. 

4. Don't leave the coast too far during driving. It is best not to drive if you are under 16 years old or over 60 years old and have heart disease or high blood pressure. Do not chase and compete with each other.