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In which fields can smc molds be applied?

The smc mold needs to be heated, not cooled. The temperature of the mold is usually between 140 and 160. In mold design, maintaining mold temperature is very important. The mold is easier to fill, the product is not easily deformed, and the surface is better. Commonly used heating systems are steam, oil, high-pressure water or electricity. When the temperature of the mold design system pays special attention to make the temperature of the mold on the entire surface consistent, a uniform temperature can reduce deformation, improve the size of stability, and the uniformity of the product surface.
1. Electrical industry. The smc mold has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, low water absorption rate and good flame retardancy. It is widely used in the production of electrical appliances, switches, circuit boards, insulating boards, fuses and other products. smc is a very flexible material. The application environment of the product can be customized and modified according to the usage of the finished product.
2. Construction industry. In the construction industry, smc is often used in conjunction with roof components, shower bases, sinks, bathtub floor systems, exterior wall doors, etc. due to its good thermal insulation, anti-skid, and corrosion-resistant characteristics.
3. Automotive industry. Smc molds have been widely used in the automotive industry due to their good physical properties. For example, bumpers, racks, battery boxes, engine covers, structural beams, etc.