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Performance and maintenance of Medical Equipment Mold


Medical Equipment Mold is a mold with high requirements and high product inspection standards. In addition to high-precision processing, it is also necessary to understand the purpose of the product and the national inspection standards of the Quality Supervision Bureau.

During daily use, it is also important to understand specific functions. The main reason for uneven temperature at various points of the mold is related to the instantaneousness of the injection cycle. The main function of the temperature controller is to maintain temperature stability and prevent temperature fluctuations during production. The key points of producing injection molded parts are heat balance control machines, heat conduction of molds, etc.

Medical Equipment Mold Features: Wide application range, easy processing, good chemical resistance, toughness, strength, rigidity, and heat resistance to steam. Good biocompatibility, but not easy to adhere, dimensional stability, and radiation resistance. Long service life, accurate manufacturing positioning, low accuracy difference, reliable operation of hot runner, and low cost.