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PCM battery cover mold delivery


At the beginning of the New Year, everything changes again. When we are immersed in the celebration of New Year's Day holiday, Taizhou Huacheng Mould Co., Ltd. is working at full speed to make orders, busy delivery, with hard work to open a new chapter of development and breakthrough.

Affected by the complexity of the international situation and in the background of normalized epidemic prevention and control, the city enterprises are gradually adjust the development strategy, actively into the domestic and international binary mutual promote the new development pattern, realize domestic trade simultaneously, online overall interaction, traditional and intelligent and orderly change, make "Taizhou" products further advantage in the market, occupy a place.


▲The tool on the truck is loaded, everything is ready, toward the destination, start!

In 2023, we will harvest happiness in the busy! Everyone perform their own duties, busy in the orderly, from production and processing to factory delivery operations are in good order, quality and quantity to complete the order, for every customer trusted the company to submit a satisfactory answer. Welcome to visit the factory, negotiate!