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Forming Methods of Carbon Fiber Composites


Composite processing technology is continuously derived and developed on the same basis according to the characteristics and application purposes of different materials. On the basis of light weight and high strength, carbon fiber composites will also adopt different molding processes according to different application objects, so as to maximize the special properties of carbon fiber. Now let's understand the molding method of carbon fiber composite.

1. Moulding method. This method is to put the carbon fiber material that has already been pre impregnated with resin into the metal mold, pressurize it to overflow the excess glue, and then cure it at high temperature. After the film is removed, the finished product will come out. This method is most suitable for making automobile parts.

2. Hand lay up and lamination method. Cut and stack the carbon fiber sheets dipped with glue, or brush the resin on one side of the paving layer, and then hot press to form. This method can choose the direction, size and thickness of the fiber at will, and is widely used. Note that the shape of the laid layer should be smaller than the shape of the mold, so that the fiber will not deflect when pressed in the mold.

3. Vacuum bag hot pressing method. Laminate the mold and cover it with heat-resistant film, apply pressure to the lamination with a soft pocket, and cure it in the hot press pouring.

4. Winding forming method. The carbon fiber monofilament is wound on the carbon fiber shaft, which is particularly suitable for making cylinders and hollow vessels.

5. Extrusion drawing forming method. First, fully soak the carbon fiber, remove the resin and air through extrusion and pulling, and then solidify in the furnace. This method is simple and suitable for preparing rod and tubular parts.