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What are the specific advantages of Auto Parts Mould?

1.Auto Parts Mould processing of deep cavity mould

In Auto Parts Mould manufacturing process, processing deep cavity Mould to three-axis machining center is applied to implement, it must be extended and cutting tools, but the use of five axis machining center is deep and compare the steep cavity, if you want to create a better technological condition for Mould processing artifacts or additional rotary spindle head and swing, It can shorten the length of the tool properly, so as to eliminate the occurrence of collision between the tool and the tool rod and the cavity wall, reduce the jitter and damage of the tool during processing, prolong the service life of the tool, and greatly improve the surface quality and processing efficiency of the die.

2. Mold side wall processing

The processing of the die side wall, the application of three axis machining center tool length is larger than the depth of the side wall, but also by the depth of the side wall to determine the length of the tool, if increase the length of the tool, its strength will be significantly reduced, if the tool length is higher than 3 times the diameter, let the knife phenomenon will occur, the quality of the workpiece will be difficult to ensure. Such as the application of five-axis machining center on the die side wall processing, can use the spindle or workpiece swing, so that the tool and die side wall always show a vertical state, milling die side wall can be used plane milling cutter, which can improve the quality of the workpiece and prolong the service life of the tool.

3. Flat surface processing of the mold

Flat surface of mould processing, three axis machining center need spher mill finish-milling, obtain a good surface quality, and this situation need to increase the knife, but the center of the ball head knife tool rotating velocity is almost zero, the extent of the damage in mould machining of cutting tool is larger, the service life of cutter will fell sharply, and the mold surface quality will be worse. Application of five axis machining center processing flat surface, can be on the workpiece tool into a certain Angle to workpiece processing, which can increase the relative line speed between the workpiece and the ball head tool, not only can make the service life of the tool has been improved, the surface quality of the workpiece will be greatly improved.

4. Processing the irregular surface of the mold

For the irregular surface of the mold processing, in the past is generally through the three axis machining center to complete, the direction of the tool cutting mold is along the cutting path to move the cutting process will not change, then the tool tip cutting state can not ensure the perfect quality of the mold parts. Like curvature changes more frequently mould and deep grooves mold can be used for five axis machining center for processing, they can always make the cutting condition to achieve the best cutting tool, cutting tool can make the whole processing direction of motion of the path to get the most optimized, and the cutting tool, at the same time can also be a straight line mold in the surface of every part is more perfect.